The Legal Studies Academy


[Career & Technical Education] [College & Career Readiness]
1601 80TH Street
Brooklyn, New York 11214 718.232.2500

Mrs. Maureen A. Goldfarb, Principal
Mr. Jack P. Chan, Assistant Principal, Social Studies, Art, Music
Mrs. D. Colavito, Legal Studies Academy Guidance Counselor
Ms. A. Cicale, Legal Studies Academy Coordinator & Teacher
Ms. T. Hamilton, Legal Studies Academy Teacher

The Legal Studies Academy at New Utrecht High School was created to introduce students to the American system of government and law. Additionally, the program was designed to promote and encourage civics and citizenship among our students. The Legal Studies Academy prepares students for the rigorous demands that come with both college and professional life. Accordingly, all courses are aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, which aim to mold the college and career ready student.

It is the goal of the Legal Studies Academy to provide a wide variety of electives to students interested in pursuing careers in government, political science, social science, law, or criminal justice. Accordingly, Legal Studies courses consist of various hands on activities, discussion, debate, analysis and research of political, legal, and social issues facing Americans today. As members of the Legal Studies Academy, students will be given the opportunity to attend field trips, workshops and seminars, Law Institutes, and participate in essay contests and competitions. Throughout their course of study, students will also have the opportunity to meet with professionals in the vast field of criminal justice.

Over the next four years, Legal Studies Academy students are required to complete a sequence of seven elective courses, culminating in a mandatory senior year assessment and [spring term] internship.

We look forward to working with your child over the next four years.


  • Freshman Year:
    Introduction to Law I 
    Introduction to Law II
  • Sophomore Year: 
    Criminal Justice  
  • Junior Year: 
    Moot Court/Mock Trial 
    Constitutional Law 
  • Senior Year: 
    Legal Writing 
    Work Based Learning [Internship] 
  • Extracurricular Activities: 
    Moot Court 
    Mock Trial  
    NYU/Columbia University High School Law Institute 
    FBI Explorers Program/NYPD Explorers Program 
    International Moot Court 
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice College Now  
    Concern Worldwide Student Workshops 
    Brooklyn Law School High School Law Workshops 
    Brooklyn District Attorney Summer Internship Program 
    Sonia & Celina Sotomayor Judicial Internship Program 
    Work-Based Learning Internship 
    Community Service
  • Industry Partnerships: 
    New York City Justice Resource Center 
    Goldman Sachs  
    Children’s Law Center 


For additional information, activities, and opportunities, contact Ms. Cicale in the Social Studies Department, Room 451, (718)232-2500, and/or